The Remarkable Dave Brubeck

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Remarkable ft. Marshall Gilkes

Minnie Hill- composer, arranger, conductor

Marshall Gilkes- trombone (track 5)


Carlo Barbaro (feature)- alto saxophone/clarinet

Tim Wilson- alto saxophone/soprano sax/flute/clarinet

Flora Carbo- alto saxophone/bass clarinet

Sam Ondaatje- tenor saxophone/soprano sax/flute/clarinet

Cheryl Clark- tenor saxophone/flute/clarinet

Mia Barham- baritone saxophone/flute/clarinet


Nick Mulder- trombone

Jordan Murray- trombone

Dave Palmer- trombone

Joe O'Callaghan- bass trombone


Shane Gillard- trumpet/flugelhorn (lead - 5-8)

Mick Fraser- trumpet/flugelhorn (lead - 1-4)

Gianni Marinucci- trumpet/flugelhorn

Thien Pham- trumpet/flugelhorn


Jack Earle- piano

Blakely McLean Davies- bass

Ollie Shute- drums

Phil Binotto & Toshi Clinch- percussion

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